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A multi-millionaire leaves his money to four people he barely knew. But a murder breaks out and who did it will forever be a mystery.

A hunter and his crew go on the hunt for the elusive caribou of Newfoundland

Produced by Garrett Heikes

It all started with radio and developed into a regional network. Who knew local news would be so important.

Rookie detective leans on sibling to crack his first case.

In Search of Nebraska's

Thunder Chickens

How Drones will change

education at Northeast

Ell falls into a sleepless depression as her world crumbles around her


     Capstone Class Film Project


Digital Cinema and Media students at Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Nebraska, spent their sophomore semester producing a short film. They wrote it, planned the production, hired the actors, produced a trailer, made a poster, and edited the film in Adobe Premiere Pro, using Adobe After Effects for titles and extra motion effects. They were responsible for burning a BluRay disc and testing it before the film's premiere at the Norfolk Theater on Saturday, May 6, 2017, 10:00 a.m.

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